Process Management
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What is exMon?

exMon is a monitoring software that enables companies to monitor and manage data and processes within their information systems. exMon consists of two main project features that can be bought separately or together, depending on the customer needs.

  • Continuous Monitoring enables organizations to conduct the necessary monitoring operations in real time on their entire IT collection. This allows organizations to decrease the risk of costly mistake, prevent revenue leakage, improve their internal audit and process functionality and increases their ability to monitor the quality-control systems and operational rules. 
  • Process Management provides organization a graphic overview of the status of the various processes performed within and between the information systems and the opportunity to activate processes if needed. exMon Process Management is an ideal software for Business Intelligence (BI) operations which improves faith in the validity and integrity of data found in the organization's information systems.


Why should your organization choose exMon?

By using exMon, your organization is likely to increase the operational efficiency and thereby its profitability prospects. The operational knowledge and overview increases as users are able to access graphic images of the current status of all business processes monitored. This increases the user understanding of operational processes as well as the data reliability. 

exMon has been implemented for numerous organizations in Europe with outstanding results where one of the greatest benefits has been the quick return of investment.


Want to know more?

If you are interested in more information about exMon, please contact our consultants who will gladly tell you everything you want to know about the software: